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Christmas crafting

Creating some pieces to sell at Christmas the first being my lovely paw print 🐾 gloves!

Knitted by my own hands, even created the pattern myself, these supersoft gloves come in 2 sizes Medium recommended for women and Large recommended for men. Measurement and full description located on my Etsy page, check them out πŸ™‚

Available from:


Company Alts

As wardrobe you get a lot of requests some strange, like creating wellies that look like the grinch, and some simple, like this ripped shirt sleeve.

This was a relatively simple transformations, cutting the sleeves to create short sleeves, backing the back of the rip with surplus’s fabric and secure it with some machine darning in the corresponding colour.

Though I am pretty proud of the finished product πŸ™‚


Strength and Structure

As I have some free time at the moment, after finishing my tour and before my Christmas job starts full force, I get to work on the next bit of my corset, to give the corset strength and structure I am cording the sides through all 3 layers to add unity to all the layers so the lining isn’t left loose and vulnerable to ripping. 

I also added steel bones on the back seam before I add the eyelets for the back lacing, I will also be creating covers spiral boning to attach onto the front for added structure and decoration.