Opening night to remember 

After last weeks successful tech week the show moved into to its premier week in Manchester, first time in Manchester’s media city and fist time in charge on a premier night so nerves and excitement all round 🙂 

With some costume alteration notes and last minute changes made last week the beginning part of the week was consumed along with much thread and decorative trim, Luckily I was on top of the costume notes and the show was well received! 

The Lowry theatre great theatre, Couldn’t have asked for a better opening location and not just talking about the panarmic views from the bar for post show drink, The modern looks and large open spaces complemented the modern dance piece perfectly and building looked amazing especially over the water at night … plus there was also an outlet shopping centre opposite 😄. 


Teching for the gods

Week of tech rehursals finally over for a new modern dance show I am currently wardrobe supervising for. Visually stunning but my god my fingers bled pulling it there!

As is always the way tech week is manic, the first time you have seen the whole vision together and the last chance to change anything before it is released to the public.

This weeks chanllenges to overcome started with the lead actor becoming a floating torso due to the overpopular shade of blue used by both trousers and flooring, fixed by yours tryst running around the local shops for alternatives, repainting the props the correct shade of gold, jazzing up a already pretty jazzy pair or harem pants and the dancers deciding there custom made skirts weren’t tight enough leading to a late night skirt sewing session before the press Photoshoot.

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Corset continues 

Connecting up my corset pieces. I think the dark blue and the light cream silks balance each other brilliantly. 

Although I am slightly concearned the delicate silk may rip under the strain of the pressure corsets have to withstand, so I backed the blue silk directly onto the black coutil and have ordered steel boning to add onto the back seam bookmarking the eyelets where the most strain will be generated.