Company Alts

As wardrobe you get a lot of requests some strange, like creating wellies that look like the grinch, and some simple, like this ripped shirt sleeve.

This was a relatively simple transformations, cutting the sleeves to create short sleeves, backing the back of the rip with surplus’s fabric and secure it with some machine darning in the corresponding colour.

Though I am pretty proud of the finished product πŸ™‚


Christmas time is coming :)

November is upon us and with it comes the Christmas spirit and the wonder that is pantoland and our fun festive jobs 😊 

I for one will be spending my Christmas period in a secret magical forest πŸ˜‰ can’t post images but it should be able to share the view from my workroom. 


Bye bye balletΒ 

This week equals the end of my dance adventure, last leg of the tour at Sadlers wells, the swankiest venue I have even worked in to date, the backstage monitors were bigger then my TV at home! (and if that’s not swanky then…well I’m probably using that words wrong but it was impressive none the less) 

Such a brilliant venue and lovely helpful staff πŸ™‚ the show ran smoothly despite the accessories committing suicide and needing recussitation with needle and thread or worse transplant via sewing machine. The set looks great on the big stage, their electronic fly system moved the props super smoothly and the fancy fog machines added a new dimension to the lights. 

Had such fun on this project but looking forward to some time off before I jump into the Christmas job πŸ™‚ 



Whoops didn’t press send, this was meant for yesterday, The fifth and final of my pinewood workshops, it’s been super fun have loved being back in a learning setting. Finishing off the work and trying to squeeze as much knowledge as possible.

Ok I know I promised gunshot wounds but as I started working my story developed into something, atleast I think, is more fun πŸ™‚ 

My story: ‘amature adventurer heads though the desert to break into Area 51, once inside she comes across a cute little alien creature, thinking it is a scared captive she bends down to help it. The creature grabs onto her arm and claws it’s way up her arm it’s skin reacting with her blood, before it burrows into her arm and out through her back killing her.’

The great things about aliens πŸ‘½ you don’t have to colour match correctly coz nobody knows πŸ™‚ 


Bringing out the Costume in the Clothing

Day 4 of my dyeing and distressing course, today I had to take a jersey jacket and age it, then work into it with more distressing techniques to create a actual ‘event’ in the characters storyline. 

I started off with subtle distress work adding fades and shadows to the garment with paint and dye, then adding smaller details like fraying and stitch work around the collar which would be instantly recognisable on camera. Then thinking about how a garment changes shapes once it has been worn frequently I started bagging out the sleeves and body for that lived in look. Before and after images and close ups of detail pictured below. 

Finally we started on the more dramatic breakdown techniques and how they would come about in a plot. Meaning my lovely ‘favourite jumper they wore everyday’ scenario turned into ‘she’s being hunted through a wilderness, gets caught on barbed wire and is eventually shot’ scenario…yeah I preferred the first one too.

But this did mean I got to create a dramatic tear on the sleeve where she was caught on the wire and start on a entry and exit would πŸ™‚ hopefully will have finished images for you tomorrow. 


Distress this

Day 3 of my dye and distressing course, today we focussed on distressing and mark making techniques.

Starting with the ‘simple’ exercise using 3 layers of fabric to create a quilted effect where you can add weight in different areas while allowing you to break into multiple layers when creating holes and cuts. I took 3 different weights on fabric a thick silk wool for the top, a light silk for the 2nd layer and 2 light muslin layers for the backing each creating a different layers when broken away. 

First having to dye the colours into the same or complimentary colours (alot harder then it seems with all the fabrics take at different rates) then I used 3 different paints to create a variety of stains as well as both blades & sandpaper to creTe frayed areas and holes. 

Working up to the end of the day when we started working on a garment of our choice (from those provided) I picked a jersey as I have never worked on that fabric before…for good choice I left with it looking practically identical to when I started hopefully tomorrow will be more successful πŸ™‚ 


Dyeing and distresssing…but in a good way :)

Day 2 of my painting and dyeing workshop week at pinewood studios. Today we continued with our dye practice and started on some distressing techniques πŸ™‚ 

Starting off with colour matching Picking a fabric from the colour board and create that colour out of the dyes provided πŸ™‚ tricky but t nailed it πŸ€— created a beiifully deep violet with red and blue and just a smidge of black to take the freshness out of the colour. 

The. We moved on to creating graduations in a single piece of fabric, otherwise known as ombré, I. Rated 2 samples one purple and one blue. To get a true graduation you need to be able to fold the fabric into sections and each sections be a different shade. Very pleased with my outcomes the blue was more successful but both were beautiful 😚