Tim Burtons Regency

Extention Module…because doing one project at a time is just to mainstream -_-

So while i am trying to research, design and make my independant module, the biggey the one worth twice as much as everything else, my university and my logic intollerent brain thought it would be a good idea to do the extension module at the same time. In some ways this is good as i get to make another costume which i love but when i do the maths: workload + making + time + money = fetal position. 

For my extention i will be attempting to create a regency gown for the character of Elizabeth Bennet in the style of Tim Burton 🙂 which should be interesting.

The Shrew Pantomime

Pantomime Final

Here is my final image of my dame pantomime, dont know why it didnt work last time i tried to post it, better late then never suppose.
Will be uploading more images of the shoot including the other dress i made (can just see it under the green blanket in my old shoot post) on my website soon.
website: http://www.i-m.co/RGale/Gale_Costumes/


Independant Study

“When Lucy, I call the thing that was before us Lucy because it bore her shape, saw us she drew back with an angry snarl, such as a cat gives when taken unawares, then her eyes ranged over us. Lucy’s eyes in form and color, but Lucy’s eyes unclean and full of hell fire, instead of the pure, gentle orbs we knew.”

Dracula is the basis for my independent Study, I am writing my own brief this time and will be creating for the character of Lucy Westenra both befor and after vampire, should be fun 🙂