Love at first sight fabric 

Ever had that movement when fabric shopping where you find that fabric which makes you drop your current project In favour of something new, no? Don’t worry your moment will come 🙂

I had one such a moment recentally when I came across this gorgeous midnight blue pure silk, almost black in the shade and royal blue in the sun 😊 

 This has inspired me to design another Corset, who knows maybe I will finish this one, drawing inspiration by the night sky.  Created with a mixture of boning and cording and decorated with silver embroidery and hot stones.


Practice would have made perfect…

Been getting a lot of client work so haven’t had time to do any making on my own projects recentally. So snuck in a bit of making on my rose corset base, want to try and incorporate corded panels instead of boning…only problem is I didn’t test out the cording on some spare fabric first, rookie mistake! 

Got one panel done but not sure if I like the direction or size of the cord may take it a step back and now do some samples, ow well I’m only waistline 100% silk 😂