Oh no you didn’t…

Oh no you didn't...

Been Volunteering at a local wardrobe recently, they are super nice and let me create two looks for display, to help inspire customers with christmas pantomime Costume idea’s 🙂

After popping back for the Christmas party they let me know that my display didn’t last long as it was snapped up by one of the first customers to see it X3

Always nice to know other people like my idea’s as well 🙂


Ho Ho Ho Here’s your costume :)

Working in a really fun wardrobe this christmas XD Helping all the different christmas characters, get in the right costume and ready for the show on time. Long hours but so much fun and being surrounded by all these christmas costumes and props i don’t think i could be in a more christmassy mood if i tried X3
Sorry no photo’s as all the costumes are copyrighted and they don’t want any back stage photo’s to surface.