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End Of Year Show

End Of Year Show

Here is one of the images of my costumes on the catwalk from my end of year show, “Eleven”, it was held on the 15th Of May at the Worcester Royal Porcelain Museum.
With this finished i am now official a costume graduate! I have been meaning to update this for a while but have been caught up with moving out ect.


final image

final image

Like normal i had a mad rush to the finish line for my independant hand in, oh how i have missed normal sleep patterns -_-
As such i havnt managed to do a final shoot for my costume yet but i did manage to get my Victorian underware shot, here is the final image i am planning to do a professional shoot after i get my costume back from marking so stay tunned 🙂


Independant Study

“When Lucy, I call the thing that was before us Lucy because it bore her shape, saw us she drew back with an angry snarl, such as a cat gives when taken unawares, then her eyes ranged over us. Lucy’s eyes in form and color, but Lucy’s eyes unclean and full of hell fire, instead of the pure, gentle orbs we knew.”

Dracula is the basis for my independent Study, I am writing my own brief this time and will be creating for the character of Lucy Westenra both befor and after vampire, should be fun 🙂