Bringing out the Costume in the Clothing

Day 4 of my dyeing and distressing course, today I had to take a jersey jacket and age it, then work into it with more distressing techniques to create a actual ‘event’ in the characters storyline. 

I started off with subtle distress work adding fades and shadows to the garment with paint and dye, then adding smaller details like fraying and stitch work around the collar which would be instantly recognisable on camera. Then thinking about how a garment changes shapes once it has been worn frequently I started bagging out the sleeves and body for that lived in look. Before and after images and close ups of detail pictured below. 

Finally we started on the more dramatic breakdown techniques and how they would come about in a plot. Meaning my lovely ‘favourite jumper they wore everyday’ scenario turned into ‘she’s being hunted through a wilderness, gets caught on barbed wire and is eventually shot’ scenario…yeah I preferred the first one too.

But this did mean I got to create a dramatic tear on the sleeve where she was caught on the wire and start on a entry and exit would 🙂 hopefully will have finished images for you tomorrow. 


Distress this

Day 3 of my dye and distressing course, today we focussed on distressing and mark making techniques.

Starting with the ‘simple’ exercise using 3 layers of fabric to create a quilted effect where you can add weight in different areas while allowing you to break into multiple layers when creating holes and cuts. I took 3 different weights on fabric a thick silk wool for the top, a light silk for the 2nd layer and 2 light muslin layers for the backing each creating a different layers when broken away. 

First having to dye the colours into the same or complimentary colours (alot harder then it seems with all the fabrics take at different rates) then I used 3 different paints to create a variety of stains as well as both blades & sandpaper to creTe frayed areas and holes. 

Working up to the end of the day when we started working on a garment of our choice (from those provided) I picked a jersey as I have never worked on that fabric before…for good choice I left with it looking practically identical to when I started hopefully tomorrow will be more successful 🙂 


Dyeing and distresssing…but in a good way :)

Day 2 of my painting and dyeing workshop week at pinewood studios. Today we continued with our dye practice and started on some distressing techniques 🙂 

Starting off with colour matching Picking a fabric from the colour board and create that colour out of the dyes provided 🙂 tricky but t nailed it 🤗 created a beiifully deep violet with red and blue and just a smidge of black to take the freshness out of the colour. 

The. We moved on to creating graduations in a single piece of fabric, otherwise known as ombré, I. Rated 2 samples one purple and one blue. To get a true graduation you need to be able to fold the fabric into sections and each sections be a different shade. Very pleased with my outcomes the blue was more successful but both were beautiful 😚


Dyeing day 

This week I will be spending my time on a dyeing and painting course at pinewood studios, trying not to massively fan girl and get myself kicked out sofar successful ;). 

Day one was the obligatory go round the room and introduce yourself, that I don’t know about you but it always makes me feel like I’m at AA, followed by the induction talk, meet the tutor and what you will be out of the course etc etc. Then we went straight to the dye room and played with dye. 

For the dye work we created an ombré in cotton gradually building up the dye in our dye pot. Practised layering colours, then as a sort of test we matched the our own skin colour using only yellow, red and blue dye. Challenging, informative and so much fun, can’t wait for day 2!


Opening night to remember 

After last weeks successful tech week the show moved into to its premier week in Manchester, first time in Manchester’s media city and fist time in charge on a premier night so nerves and excitement all round 🙂 

With some costume alteration notes and last minute changes made last week the beginning part of the week was consumed along with much thread and decorative trim, Luckily I was on top of the costume notes and the show was well received! 

The Lowry theatre great theatre, Couldn’t have asked for a better opening location and not just talking about the panarmic views from the bar for post show drink, The modern looks and large open spaces complemented the modern dance piece perfectly and building looked amazing especially over the water at night … plus there was also an outlet shopping centre opposite 😄. 


Teching for the gods

Week of tech rehursals finally over for a new modern dance show I am currently wardrobe supervising for. Visually stunning but my god my fingers bled pulling it there!

As is always the way tech week is manic, the first time you have seen the whole vision together and the last chance to change anything before it is released to the public.

This weeks chanllenges to overcome started with the lead actor becoming a floating torso due to the overpopular shade of blue used by both trousers and flooring, fixed by yours tryst running around the local shops for alternatives, repainting the props the correct shade of gold, jazzing up a already pretty jazzy pair or harem pants and the dancers deciding there custom made skirts weren’t tight enough leading to a late night skirt sewing session before the press Photoshoot.

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Corset continues 

Connecting up my corset pieces. I think the dark blue and the light cream silks balance each other brilliantly. 

Although I am slightly concearned the delicate silk may rip under the strain of the pressure corsets have to withstand, so I backed the blue silk directly onto the black coutil and have ordered steel boning to add onto the back seam bookmarking the eyelets where the most strain will be generated.